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Welcome to Villa Serena by Wild Divine (iOS Version)

Much like our own minds, Villa Serena was once a calm, relaxing place. But time and the stresses of life take their toll and can leave our minds unable to relax, be mindful and enjoy life.

This program has a very specific goal – To help you clear your mind.

There are no mentors. There is no instruction. There is only you and your own thoughts. The Villa Serena courtyard is an enclosed space free of of outside distractions. To complete this program, your task is to repair and restore Villa Serena by being still, letting go and breathing deeply, slowly and regularly. In the process you will restore Villa Serena to its former glory and begin to clear your own mind. You will finish the program refreshed, relaxed and ready to deal with all of life’s challenges. Good luck.

Please use this Knowledge Base article to help you get started as well as answer any questions you may have as you continue to use this powerful program.


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IomBlue Sensors

Villa Serena for iOS works with the IomBlue sensors on your iOS device. To check if your iOS device is compatible with the IomBlue sensors please click HERE.


If you do not have the IomBlue sensors you can purchase them by clicking HERE.

If you experience any issues using your IomBlue sensors with Villa Serena, please click HERE for additional assistance.


Breathing is one of the most important tools in meditation. When you are breathing in this program to clear your mind, the active feedback is taking your heart rate signals and interpreting them to show you how your breathing cycle can be trained to become deeper, slower and more regular. This type of “breathwork” has profound benefits to your mind and body, as well as to your mental and emotional state.

As you breathe and do the repair work within Villa Serena, you will be breathing in time to a visual breathing cue. This will help your heart rate fall into a resonant frequency commonly referred to as Coherence. This particular frequency is known as the strongest and most stabilizing one, and it is associated with many positive changes in the body. When you are in Coherence, you can expect to feel more positive emotions, have increased intuition and focus and also recover more easily and completely from stressful situations. The breathing exercises in repairing the Villa Serena are intended to help you train your mind and body to achieve this natural state of balance as you clear your mind and enjoy your new beautiful surroundings.

You can adjust your breathing cycle to suit your specific needs. Please see SETTINGS below.


The Launch Menu will appear each time you open Villa Serena.


How to Play

Selecting “How to Play” will provide you with an overview of the game.


Opens the game to the beginning if never played or reset or to your last saved point in the game (see Gameplay below).

Buy Iom

Open link to Wild Divine Online Store for more information or to purchase IomBlue sensors.


Iom Sensor Signal Indicator

As you play Villa Serena you will see an indicator that displays the quality of the Iom sensor signal. Red/Poor indicates that the Iom Sensors are not properly connected to the system/game or are not functioning properly. Green/Good indicates that sensors are connected and working properly.


If you are experiencing any issues with your IomBlue sensors connecting to the program or your system, please refer to the IomBlue Troubleshooting Guide for assistance.

Set Session Settings

Villa Serena has a number of settings that will let you create a very personal experience each time you use the program. These settings can be changed each time you do a session in the program. The program also stores your last setting change each time you change them.


You access the session settings by clicking in the upper right icon on the screen labeled “Settings” (see below).

Access to this function is available on all selection screens (Avatar, Location and Music).

  • Breathing Cycle – 8 – 14 seconds (10 seconds is default/average but adjust to your specific needs)
  • Difficulty – Easy, Normal, Difficult, Very Difficult (see Difficulty Settings below)
  • Reset Game – Resets progress in game back to beginning
  • Visual Breathing Cue – Shows butterfly breathing cue during events.
  • Save and Quit – Saves settings and progress in game and quits program
  • Save and Continue – Saves settings and continues game play



When you press “Play” button you will be taken to the last saved position in the game or to beginning if new game. If your sensor connection is “Poor” you will also see the message “Warning: Iom is not detected. You must correct any issues with sensor connectivity in order to proceed.

To begin the event, click on the REPAIR icon.


Difficulty Settings

It is recommended that you start out with Normal, and adjust from there. The difficulty settings are configured as follow, relating back to your percentage of coherence in your breathing cycle. These levels are:

Very Easy: 40% Coherence
Easy: 60% Coherence
Normal: 70% Coherence
Difficult: 85% Coherence
Very Difficult: 95% Coherence

If (for example) your coherence cycle is set to Normal when doing a repair, you will need to be breathing at an average of 70% Coherence in order for repairs to begin, and complete. Start out as easy as you need to, and as you progress, challenge yourself to higher levels over time.

Breathing Cycle Indicator

When the repair event begins and you have chosen “Visual Breathing Cue” in settings, you will see the the blue butterfly’s wings open and close. It is this breathing pattern that will influence your heart rate variability and coherence scores which cause the repairs to occur in Villa Serena.

Inhale as the butterfly’s wings open and exhale as they close. Do both gently and easily and not in a forced manner. If you find that the cycle is not comfortable or feels unnatural try adjusting the Breathing Cycle upward or downward in Settings depending upon your specific requirements. For most people this breath cycle is 10 seconds but use a value that is most comfortable for you. When you inhale do so by allowing your belly to gently expand (“belly breath”) and allow it to gently contract as you inhale. Do not force the breath in or out but let it flow gently and easily in and out. This is the most relaxed method of breathing and an easy exercise you can do anytime you need to relax yourself.



The objective is to repair and restore Villa Serena by being still, letting go and breathing deeply, slowly and regularly. “Trying harder” is not an effective means of achieving your relaxation objectives. Simply relax and breathe along woth the breathing cycle you have chosen.

When you have completed each repair event you will begin to see Villa Serena’s restoration as well as begin to see and feel your own.


Tips and Suggestions – Start off with the Normal difficulty setting and adjust upward or downward based upon your initial attempts. The more you use Villa Serena the more you will become more familiar and in tune with your body’s state of relaxation and your breathing cycle. As you complete repairs successfully, feel free to adjust the settings to more difficult levels to help you increase your relaxation capabilities.

The repairs will take slightly longer to perform, based upon their difficulty. You will need to have a certain number of breath cycles successfully at or above the coherence difficulty you have set for yourself. Small lantern repairs take 4 breath cycles, wall repairs 12 cycles and the more complex ruins will take 16 breath cycles. Filling the pool at the end of the game will take 360 cycles.

Remember that Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is an important component in improving your coherence score. Adjust your Breathing Cycle rate so that your are easily and in a very relaxed way breathing in sync with the breathing indicator on the left side of the screen. Once you find this natural rhythm you will also find increased state of relaxation.


Contact Support

If you are experiencing issues with Villa Serena you can contact us at Villa Serena Support for further assistance.


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