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Apple’s decision (April 15, 2016) to cease supporting Quicktime for Windows creates a critical gap in proper security management of any Windows-based computer that has Quicktime installed on it. The Wild Divine programs effected by this change are:

  • The Passage (any version)
  • Wisdom Quest (any version)
  • Relaxing Rhythms (formerly Healing Rhythms) version 11.5 or less

All of these programs require Quicktime to be installed in order to execute properly.

Numerous computer security authorities as well as US-CERT have recommended that users immediately delete Quicktime for Windows from their computer due to known security issues/vulnerabilities that exist within the product and will NOT be fixed by Apple.

Wild Divine strongly suggests that you follow these recommendations and delete Quicktime for Windows as soon as possible from your Windows computer. The Wild Divine programs mentioned previously in this article DO NOT pose any threat or vulnerability but will not be operational once you have removed Quicktime from your Windows computer.


As of Friday April 15, 2016 Wild Divine will no longer provide any downloads or updates for the following programs on any platform:

  • The Passage (any version) – original release 2004
  • Wisdom Quest (any version) – original release 2005
  • Relaxing Rhythms (formerly Healing Rhythms – version 11.5 or less) – original release 2006

In January 2014 Wild Divine ceased selling and supporting The Passage and Wisdom Quest programs and had been providing free updates of the latest versions of these programs (circa 2009) to previous owners upon request. These updates were provided “as is” due to the changes and potential issues/conflicts in the underlying technology of both the operating system as well as other 3rd-party products required to support their continued use.

In 2013 we introduced Relaxing Rhythms 12.0 which replaced all previous versions of Relaxing/Healing Rhythms on PC and Mac computer. At that time we ceased support for the 11.5 version and guided users to the 12.0 (or subsequent versions) for any technical or system compatibility issues.


Wild Divine is offering any existing customers/owners of Healing Rhythms/Relaxing Rhythms (Windows or Mac versions 11.5 or less) a free upgrade (via download) for the most current version of Relaxing Rhythms (12.5) for both Windows (Vista or greater) and Mac (OS X 10.7 or greater). To obtain your free upgrade please see “HOW TO UPGRADE” for more information.


Wild Divine is offering existing customers/owners of The Passage and/or Wisdom Quest the following crossgrade offers (all amounts USD):

1. Gold Bundle Crossgrade – $247

The Gold Bundle package includes the IomPE sensor, 5 Premium software titles plus additional bonus material. The Gold Bundle is shipped to you on a custom USB flash drive along with your new IomPE sensors. The Gold Bundle retails for $397.00 which represents a 40% discount over products purchased separately. We are offering this package as a crossgrade for $247 (free worldwide shipping included).

This option offers an additional $150 off the already heavily discounted Gold Bundle price and will provide you with our most current software and hardware products/technology for PC and Mac.

2. IomPE Starter Kit Crossgrade – $99

The IomPE Starter Kit includes the IomPE sensor and 1 Premium software title (download only) of your choice. This IomPE Starter Kit retails for $149.95 and we are offering this package as a crossgrade for $99 (plus shipping). This option offers an additional 33% off the already heavily discounted price and will provide your with our most current software and hardware products/technology for PC and Mac.

3. Games Bundle (Software Only) – $19.95

The Games of the Wild Divine Bundle includes 2 software titles Games of the Wild Divine Vol. 1 (The Classics) and Vol. 2. (Heartscapes). The download only titles normally sell for $19.95 each but are being offered as together at a 50% discount as a crossgrade for $19.95.

Like all of our Wild Divine titles for PC/Mac, they are 100% compatible* with your IomPro or Lightstone hardware. Since they are part of our next generation titles they are also compatible with the IomPE sensors as well.


For more information on how to obtain any of the The Passage/Wisdom Quest Crossgrade or the FREE Healing Rhythms/Relaxing Rhythms Upgrade please provide us with ONE (ONLY ONE IS REQUIRED) of the following methods of proof of ownership via email to our Helpdesk. We will then provide you with the appropriate links to upgrade your software. Simply open a Support Request by clicking HERE and include the requested information below.

1. Digital picture of current installation disks for each software title
2. Scanned copy or email receipt from original purchase
3. Serial numbers and/or activation code for each title(s)


Quicktime for Mac continues to be a supported Apple product.

Quicktime IS NOT a required component for any currently sold or supported Wild Divine product (PC, Mac or online) or any product not mentioned specifically in this article.

If you have any additional questions you may contact us via email at Quicktime for Windows Support Question for further assistance.

Limited time only. These discounted offerings mentioned in this article may expire or be extended without further notice.

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