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What is a Progressive Body Scan Meditation?

A progressive body scan meditation specifically focuses your attention on breathing and, starting from the top of the head, you focus your attention on each body part and “scan” your body all the way to the feet, visualizing the breath penetrating and releasing tension in each part of interest. Zen Master Nissim Amon will guide you in this process.

Who is Zen Master Nissim Amon?

Master Amon was ordained in Korea by Zen-Master Seung Sahn at the Hwa Gye Monastery, with the designation of monk and Meditation Teacher. Later he traveled to Japan, and studied with G.W. Nishijima, a Soto Zen-Master, from which he received a Dharma Transmission and his Zen-Master title.

Please use this Knowledge Base article to help you get started as well as answer any questions you may have as you continue to use this powerful program. If you are looking for a version of this article for Windows or Mac computers please click HERE.


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IomBlue Sensors

Progressive Body Scan Meditation will work with both the IomBlue sensors on your iOS device. To check if your iOS device is compatible with the IomBlue sensors please click HERE.


If you do not have the IomBlue sensors you can purchase them by clicking HERE.


The Launch Menu will appear each time you open Progressive Body Scan Meditation.


How to Play

Selecting How to Play will open this Knowledge Base article when you are connected to the Internet.


Open the game to the “Select Avatar” screen.

Buy Iom

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Iom Sensor Signal Indicator
Step 1 – Set Session Settings
Step 2 – Select Avatar
Step 3 – Select Location or Setting
Step 4 – Select Background Music

Iom Sensor Signal Indicator

As you play Progressive Body Scan Meditation you will see an indicator on most settings and selections screens that displays the quality of the Iom sensor signal. Red/Poor indicates that the Iom Sensors are not properly connected to the system/game or are not functioning properly. Green/Good indicates that sensors are connected and working properly and you will be able to utilize the active feedback features of the program.


NOTE: While you can play Progressive Body Scan Meditation without using sensors, you will not be able to score any sessions as no active feedback data will be used during the meditations.

If you are experiencing any issues with your IomBlue sensors connecting to the program or your system, please refer to the IomBlue Troubleshooting Guide for assistance.

Step 1 – Set Session Settings

Progressive Body Scan Meditation has a number of settings that will let you create a very personal experience each time you use the program. These settings can be changed each time you do a session in the program. The program also stores your last setting change each time you change them.


You access the session settings by clicking in the upper right icon on the screen labeled “Setting” (see below).
Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 11.46.53 AM
Access to this function is available on all selection screens (Avatar, Location and Music).

  • Session Length – 6 – 30 minutes
  • Breath Cycle – 8 – 14 seconds (10 seconds is default/average but adjust to your specific needs)
  • Difficulty – Easy, Normal, Difficult, Very Difficult (effects scoring and coherence during session)
  • Music Volume – 0 – 100% (background music)
  • Zen Master Volume – 0 – 100% (use this setting in conjunction with Music Volume to find the right balance for you)

Step 2 – Select Avatar

Progressive Body Scan Meditation allows you to choose from four (4) avatars to use when you are meditating. This selection does not effect scoring or gameplay in any way but is made available to provide you some visual variation when using the application.

  • Copper Buddha
  • Wood Buddha
  • Gold Buddha
  • Patina Buddha


To make your selection press the “Select” button beneath your choice to continue to Step 3 – Select Location or Setting.

Step 3 – Select Location or Setting

Progressive Body Scan Meditation allow you to choose from four (4) locations or settings to use when you are meditating. This selection does not effect scoring or gameplay in any way but is made available to provide you some visual variation when using the application.

  • Landscape 1 – Mountains
  • Landscape 2 – Forest Stream
  • Landscape 3 – Water Garden
  • Landscape 4 – Zen Garden


To make your selection press the “Select” button beneath your choice to continue to Step 4 – Select Background Music.

Step 4 – Select Background Music

Progressive Body Scan Meditation allow you to choose from four (4) background music tracks to use when you are meditating. This selection does not effect scoring or gameplay in any way but is made available to provide you some aural variation when using the application.

  • Canyon
  • Cosmos
  • Om
  • Zen


You can audition each of these tracks by clicking on the icon above each title. A short audition of the selected track will play to help you make your selection (see icon below).

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 12.46.07 PM

To make your final selection press the “Select” button beneath your choice to continue to Gameplay.


Start Meditation
Breathing Cycle Indicator
Volume Settings
Objective and Scoring

Start Meditation

Once you have made your final selections for Avatar, Location and Music you will see the large blue arrow to continue. If your sensor connection is “Poor” you will also see the message “Warning: Iom is not detected. Your session will not be scored.” You can either work to correct any issues or if not using Iom sensors, press the the arrow to continue.


Before the meditation begins, you will see your selected Avatar, Location and begin hearing your background music selection play. Press the Play button to begin the meditation. It will countdown 3,2,1 then begin.


Breathing Cycle Indicator

When the meditation begins you will see an object on the left side of the screen moving up and down in rhythm (in this example it is a rock. “Location” determines the object that will be used.) This is your breathing indicator. As the object rises you should slowly and gently inhale. As the object falls you should slowly and gently exhale. It is this breathing pattern that will influence your heart rate variability and coherence scores.


Volume Settings

In the top left corner of the screen you will also see a button (“Settings”) that will allow you to adjust the volume of both the background music and the Zen Master’s voice. Use these when you need to make changes during the session. You can reduce either level to zero if you choose as a means of customizing your meditation experience with Progressive Body Scan Meditation.


Objective and Scoring

Progressive Body Scan is a meditation that moves through your body in a top-down motion. As you progress through the meditation you will see parts of the avatar begin to glow either YELLOW or PURPLE. The color indicates the snapshot of your coherence at the end of each of the 11 phases of the meditation. Yellow indicates that your are out of the coherence level required for your chosen level of difficulty and Purple indicates you are within the coherence requirements for your chosen level of difficulty (see image below).


The objective is to make the entire avatar glow purple as you move through the meditation. If you see any part of the avatar glowing yellow simply relax and gently ease your attention to your breathing cycle along with the guidance from Zen Master Nissim Amon to help guide you back into the purple. Let this be a helpful guide to be mindful of the meditation session. “Trying harder” is not an effective means of achieving your relaxation and meditation objectives. Relax and breathe.

You are also trying to meet the overall average objective of the meditation based upon level of difficulty. Those objectives are:

  • Extra Easy – 40% Coherence
  • Easy – 60% Coherence
  • Normal – 70% Coherence
  • Difficult – 85% Coherence
  • Extra Difficult – 95% Coherence

When you have completed the meditation you will be presented with a screen that shows your current session score and information as well as the 4 most recent Progressive Body Scan Meditation sessions’ information. The score you see is teh overall average coherence score for the entire meditation session (see below).


Tips and Suggestions – Start off with the Normal setting and adjust upward or downward based upon your initial attempts. The more you use Progressive Body Scan Meditation the more you will become more familiar and in tune with your body’s state of relaxation and your breathing cycle. As you accomplish the goals of each level feel free to adjust the settings to more difficult levels to help provide you insight using the active feedback measurements on your current state and progress.

Remember that Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is an important component in improving your coherence score. Adjust your Breathing Cycle rate so that your are easily and in a very relaxed way breathing in sync with the breathing indicator on the left side of the screen. Once you find this natural rhythm you will also find increased state of relaxation increased coherence scores at the end of each session.

You can also try varying your session length, background music or try using Progressive Body Scan Meditation with only the background music or perhaps no audio at all. All of these variations will help you become more aware of your meditative state as well as your breathing and level of relaxation. Experiment to find your best combination of elements each day.

Soon your daily meditation will look the image below on a consistent basis!




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