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Welcome to Mindfulness Meditation by Wild Divine (iOS Version)

Mindfulness is one of the key interests of our Wild Divine user community. We proudly present Mindfulness Meditation with Tara Brach, Phd. A 9-Step program that focuses on developing better mindfulness techniques and practices in your meditation practice as well as in your day-to-day life.

Besides the expert guidance provided by Tara Brach, another unique aspect of this program is the “mindfulness gauge”. During the meditations, using your Iom, sit still, avoid talking, chewing, drinking, etc. practice slow, deep regular breaths (5 counts in, 5 counts out) and watch your score increase. Each step is repayable, go back time and time again and raise your score.

When you are breathing in this program to clear your mind, the active feedback is taking your heart rate signals and interpreting them to show you how your breathing cycle can be trained to become deeper, slower and more regular. This type of “breathwork” has profound benefits to your mind and body, as well as to your mental and emotional state.

By increasing your coherence and using the heart breath (5 count in and 5 count out) to remain calm you will be increasing your mindfulness score as you meditate. This biofeedback training will help you in your daily life as your learn to react to challenges and tasks in a more calm, clear and relaxed manner.

As you do the meditations with Tara, you can breathe the heart breath (5 count in and 5 count out). This will help your heart rate fall into a resonant frequency commonly referred to as Coherence. This particular frequency is known as the strongest and most stabilizing one, and it is associated with many positive changes in the body. When you are in Coherence, you can expect to feel more positive emotions, and recover more easily and completely from stressful situations. As you perform the “heart breath” while meditating you help to train your mind and body to achieve this natural state of balance as you clear your mind.
The more you meditate withe Mindfulness Meditation the more you will become familiar and in tune with your body’s state of relaxation and your breathing cycle.

Please use this Knowledge Base article to help you get started as well as answer any questions you may have as you continue to use this powerful program.


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IomBlue Sensors

Mindfulness Meditation for iOS works with the IomBlue sensors on your iOS device. To check if your iOS device is compatible with the IomBlue sensors please click HERE.


If you do not have the IomBlue sensors you can purchase them by clicking HERE.

If you experience any issues using your IomBlue sensors with Mindfulness Meditation, please click HERE for additional assistance.


The Launch Menu will appear each time you open Mindfulness Meditation.


How to Play

Selecting “How to Play” links to this article.


Opens the game to the beginning if never played or reset or to your last saved point in the game (see Gameplay below).

Buy Iom

Open link to Wild Divine Online Store for more information or to purchase Iom sensors.


Iom Sensor Signal Indicator

As you play Mindfulness Meditation you will see an indicator that displays the quality of the Iom sensor signal. Red/Poor indicates that the Iom Sensors are not properly connected to the system/game or are not functioning properly. Green/Good indicates that sensors are connected and working properly.


If you are experiencing any issues with your IomBlue sensors connecting to the program or your system, please refer to the IomBlue Troubleshooting Guide for assistance.

Set Session Settings

Mindfulness Meditation has a number of user settings that will let you create a personal experience each time you use the program. These settings can be changed each time you do a session in the program. The program also stores your last setting change each time you change them. You can easily adjust the volume/balance of the music and Tara’s voice during the meditations by going to “Settings”. Settings also open each time you begin a chapter to allow you to adjust the audio. When you are done press the “Save and Continue” button to proceed.


You access the session settings by clicking in the upper right icon on the screen labeled “Settings” (see below).


Mindfulness Meditation content consists of 10 audio chapters. As you complete each of the audio chapters it unlocks the next chapter for you. The content is structured in a progressive manner but you may feel free to return to previous chapters that are of specific interest or to increase your score.

During each meditation in which you are using Iom sensors you will see the Mindfulness Gauge (see below). During the meditations, using your Iom, sit still, avoid talking, chewing, drinking, etc. practice slow, deep regular breaths (5 counts in, 5 counts out) and watch your score increase.

The meditations can be done without using the sensors but no scoring will occur.

Step 1 – Select Audio Chapter


Step 2 – Select Location


Step 3 – Modify Settings


Step 4 – Meditation Session

The “Mindfulness Gauge” is measuring coherence and reflects that value is the following manner:

  • Exceptional 85 – 100
  • Excellent 70 – 84
  • Very Good 56 – 69
  • Good 34 – 55
  • Fair 0 – 33

There will be occasional instructions during gameplay regarding breathing that may take you away from the traditional heart breath which is the best means of achieving increased levels of coherence. Think of these instances in the same way that stretching exercises are used to prepare you for physical activity rather than being the core activity. While it may have a temporary effect on your mindfulness level as measured by coherence, it is part of Tara’s and the program’s overall instruction and objectives.




Mindfulness Meditation – Nine Guided Practices to Awaken Presence and Open Your Heart“, performed by Tara Brach, PhD., available from www.soundstrue.com.

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If you are experiencing issues with Mindfulness Meditation you can contact us at Mindfulness Meditation Support for further assistance.


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