IomdriverPE Troubleshooting Guide

IomPE Driver Troubleshooting Guide

The IomPE Driver allows the IomPE hardware to interact with parts of the Wild Divine Online (WDO) site as well as with the Conscious Food Court software. To download the driver click the proper link below:

IomDriverPE – Windows

IomDriverPE – Mac

Once downloaded double-click on the installer file and follow the prompts to install the program.


DO use the IomPE driver with the IomPE sensors when you are using the Wild Divine Online or Conscious Food Court software.
DO NOT use his driver with the IomPro hardware at anytime.
DO NOT use this driver with any of our newest titles made to operate with both the IomPE and IomPro. They are:

  • Journey to Eagle Mountain
  • Zen Journey PE
  • Relaxing Rhythms PE
  • Villa Serena
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Progressive Scan Meditation
  • Relaxing Rhythms 2
  • Vol. 1 – The Classics
  • Vol. 2 – Heartscapes

DO NOT have the IomPro Driver (green butterfly icon) running if you are trying to use the IomPE Driver (orange butterfly icon).
DO NOT have the IomPE Driver (orange butterfly icon) running if you are trying to use the IomPro hardware and/or driver (green butterfly icon).

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