IomBlue Troubleshooting Guide


The IomBlue is compatible with Wild Divine Apps for Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch). Today the only App available is Relaxing Rhythms (available in App Store in iTunes) but many more titles are actively being developed and will be released in the coming months.


This guide will help you get started with your IomBlue or overcome any difficulties you maybe experiencing when using your sensors. If you have not yet done so, please be sure to register your sensors by clicking HERE. This will ensure you have access to all support and warranty services.

You can download the IomBlue User Manual HERE.

We suggest you step through each of these steps in sequence if this is your first time using your IomBlue sensors and you are requiring additional help. You may also click on the appropriate topic below if you choose to go to a specific topic.

Step 1 – Check Device Compatibility With Your IOS Device
Step 2 – Ensure Device is Charged
Step 3 – Check Ear Sensor Connection
Step 4 – Open App and Connect Sensors
Step 5 – Check Bluetooth Connectivity

Step 1 – Check Device Compatibility With Your IOS Device

Most Apple iOS devices made after 2011 are compatible with the IomBlue and use Bluetooth® 4.0. All Apps for IomBlue also require iOS 8.0 or greater. This includes:

iPads: 3rd generation, 4th Gen, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini(All)
iPhones: 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6plus
iPod Touch: 5th Generation

If you are still unsure, please check on your device compatibility with the IomBlue by clicking the proper device link below:
iPod Touch

Step 2 – Ensure Device is Charged

Your IomBlue comes from the factory about 80% charged and should be ready to use out of the box. In order to turn the unit on you will need to insert the ear sensor plug into the unit as well.

Your IomBlue hardware has a battery that can be recharged via a USB connection. You can plug it directly (not thru a USB Hub) into your computer’s USB port or the cable can be plugged into the same USB wall charger that came with your smartphone or tablet device.

NOTE: The IomBlue can be used with App while connected to the USB cable and is actively charging.

Your IomBlue is charged by connecting the square tip of the USB cable into the matching port on the IomBlue hardware (see below).


Next, insert the opposite end of the USB cable (where the image is stamped) into the rectangular USB port on your computer or a USB Charger (see below).


When the IomBlue is charging, a green LED is lit on the upper right corner of the face of the device (see below).


Click HERE for more information regarding charging your IomBlue.

Step 3 – Check Ear Sensor Connection

The ear sensor cable plugs into the IomBlue as seen in the image below.


The female connection on the IomBlue is also the ON/OFF switch for the device. When the sensor cable is plugged in the unit is powered on on even if the ear clip is not attached to your ear.

Make sure the ear sensor cable is FULLY AND FIRMLY SEATED in the IomBlue unit:

A. Unplug the ear sensor cable from the IomBlue unit.

B. Reinsert the ear sensor cable into the IomBlue unit FIRMLY until you feel a “click”.

C. With the sensor off your ear you should see the combination RED/GREEN (upper right light) light lit GREEN on the IomBlue unit if it is plugged into USB port/charger. If it is NOT plugged into USB port/charger it will NOT be lit.

When you place the ear sensor on your ear, the combination RED/GREEN (upper right light) will begin flashing RED in sync with your heart beat. NO program needs to be running on your iOS device to do this test.

NOTE: If the RED light remains lit SOLID or DOES NOT LIGHT AT ALL then you need to push the ear sensor cable in firmly and completely. If this does not solve the issue please put the device on USB charge for 15 minutes and the repeat Step A thru C. If this does not resolve the issue for you please contact us at [email protected] as your IomBlue is not working properly.

D. If the red light is blinking start or restart your Wild Divine app and the sensor connection should go from RED/POOR to GREEN/GOOD.

E. If you are still having issues please try steps A – D again to reseat connection.

NOTE: To best preserve battery life, remove the sensor cable from the IomBlue when not in use.

The ear sensor clips onto either your right or left ear. Be sure to attach securely but comfortably to your ear. Remove any earrings and be sure that no hair is between the clip and your earlobe.


We also suggest attaching the clip on the cable to your shirt so that there is no extra tension on your ear or the sensor from the cable’s weight. This will help ensure a better connection when using the sensor.

When the sensor is properly reading HR you will see a flashing RED light on the IomBlue corresponding to you heart beat (see below).


Step 4 – Open App and Connect Sensors

Open the Wild Divine app you plan to use the IomBlue sensors with. If the signal indicator in the app does not go to green/GOOD then proceed to Step 5 below.

Step 5 – Check Bluetooth Connectivity

In order for the IomBlue to connect to your iOS device you must have Bluetooth turned on on your iOS device. To do this go to Settings> Bluetooth and toggle the slider in settings to the right so that the switch displays green. See image below.


You may have other Bluetooth devices paired to your iOS device and they will display here when Bluetooth is turned on. In order for the IomBlue sensors to connect to your iOS device the appropriate Wild Divine app (such as Relaxing Rhythms) App must be running prior to the sensors showing up in the MY DEVICES list. When connection is made with the app, the IomBlue will show up as “Heart Rate” or “BT_HRM” in list of connected devices (MY DEVICES) on your iOS device in Bluetooth Setting. See image below for example of Bluetooth Settings in iOS device when sensors are connected. Go to Step 5 for more information on connecting sensors in App.

IMPORTANT – If your IomBlue sensors are showing in Bluetooth Settings under OTHER DEVICES do not connect them by touching the device name. Doing so will cause the IomBlue to connect to iOS and not the Wild Divine app. Unlike some other Bluetooth devices, the IomBlue sensors do not need to be paired or connected to the iPhone or iPad prior to the app being started.


If you are still having trouble connecting IomBlue sensors to my Wild Divine App please try the following:

  1. Stop ALL HR or Wild Divine apps on iOS device except Settings. (Double tap home button and swipe any/all applications (swipe UP) to remove/close them. Only home screen and Settings should be visible in list.) This step is done to assure no other Bluetooth apps are running as this may cause conflicts.
  2. Insert earpiece into IomBlue and place on ear. Heart beat indicator flashes on device.
  3. Turn on or make sure Bluetooth is on in Settings> Bluetooth
  4. Place earpiece on ear lobe. For a brief period of time “BT_HRM” or “Heart Rate” will show under “Other Devices” in Settings> Bluetooth. This does not mean the device is being used by any app or paired in anyway with iOS device. NOTE: DO NOT tap the BT_HRM device name in the “Other Devices” list. This will cause the device to connect to iOS and become unavailable to our apps.
  5. Start the Wild Divine app. Wait on app screen for 2-5 seconds for IomBlue connection (IOM SENSOR SIGNAL changes from red/POOR to green/GOOD.
  6. When sensors connect you will see them in the “My Devices” list in Settings> Bluetooth.

If you need further assistance please contact us at [email protected]

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