Crossgrade and Upgrade Requirements

Upgrades or Crossgrades are available for owners ofIomPro Sensor, Lighstone Sensor, The Passage, Wisdom Quest, Relaxing Rhythm (formerly Healing Rhythms) and The Grapher. If you could provide us with ONE (ONLY ONE IS REQUIRED) of the following methods of proof of ownership we can provide you with the appropriate links to upgrade your software.

Simply open a Support Request Upgrade/Crossgrade Verification and include the requested information below.

  • Digital image of current installation disks for each software title
  • Scanned copy or email receipt from original purchase
  • Serial numbers and/or activation code for each software title
  • Digital image of current IomPro or Lighstone sensor (hardware crossgrade only)

If you have any additional questions you may contact us via email at Upgrade/Crossgrade Verification for further assistance.  

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