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We are so very pleased that you have decided to include us in your Mind-Body or meditation practice. Many people who do not currently meditate or do not have an active Mind-Body training program wonder if there is some trick to learning it all. Others who do are often left to wonder “Am I doing this the right way?”

One of the most fundamental ways to learn to meditate as well as to relax is to become more aware of and focus on the breath.
The breath and “breathwork” (breathing exercises and methods) are fundamental and key to everything you’re setting out to create and become as well as the most basic and important part of any Mind-Body or meditation practice. In most Eastern cultures, a great deal of importance is placed on proper breathing techniques and exercises as a part of an overall health and wellness strategy. Unlocking the power of the breath has many benefits:

  • Lowers your heart rate
  • Lowers blood pressure and cardiac output
  • Increases blood oxygen levels
  • Promotes clearer thinking
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases metabolism
  • Improves circulation

When you are using Wild Divine programs and apps with the Iom sensor, you are able to see your feedback on the screen instantly. This is a significant tool in helping with the process of understanding what you are learning and improving your skills and maximizing the benefits.

But the biggest benefits and greatest impact to you comes from developing a consistent Mind-Body or meditation practice. The first and most important step to developing a solid practice is to be willing to do this regularly, and to focus less on doing it “right” but simply doing it repeatedly. The real benefits of meditation and breathing come from consistency and repetition.

We suggest you follow these three simple steps to increase your results:

Step 1 – Establish Your Practice Space

It is important to create a physical environment that is contributive to relaxation and meditation. You can meditate or use our products anywhere you like, but if you sit down amid clutter or in a space that is distracting in other ways it will have an effect on your progress and outcomes.

Try and find a space that is quiet enough to allow you to disengage from the world around you as well as being physically comfortable and comforting. Sometimes adding a simple candle or flowers or even a calming image or photo can make your space more conducive to aiding you in your practice.

Make sure your sitting position is as relaxed and as comfortable as possible too. You should be able to easily maintain a relaxed but upright posture during your entire session. This can take trying different positions, cushions or chairs to find your optimal combination.

Step 2 – Prepare Your Body

Just like we want to create an optimal physical environment and surroundings for our meditation and Mind-Body practice, so too we want to fully prepare our physical self for each session.

Try to avoid wearing clothing that feels binding or constrictive in anyway. Sometimes it is as simple as slipping off your shoes at the end of the day and other times it may require changing into something more loose fitting or just more comfortable to you.

During your sessions be sure to sit still, use your Iom, avoid talking or any other interactions as well as any chewing, drinking, etc. Let these moments be about your Mind-Body practice as completely as you can. Be sure to have satisfied any other physical urges or needs as fully as possible before you begin.

Step 3 – The “Heart Breath”

It is hard to overstate the amazing and profound effect that breathing has on our ability to relax and clear the mind, as well as affect our overall health and happiness. The foundation of any good Mind-Body and meditation practice is the Heart Breath.

The Heart Breath and is a slow, deep, regular and rhythmic breathing pattern. For most people it is a 10-12 second cycle of inhaling smoothly and slowly through your nose (5-6 seconds in) and exhaling smoothly and slowly through your nose (5-6 seconds out) in a repeated pattern. It is important that you are never straining, holding your breath or forcing air in or out. The point of the Heart Breath is to naturally increase your level of relaxation so focus on a smooth, deep and relaxed breathing cycle.

You should also allow your belly to get involved in the process. Rather than focusing your breathing in your lungs and your rib cage expanding and contracting you should try and focus on using your belly to breathe in and out. Once again doing this gently and as naturally as possible at first until it becomes a normal and habitual part of your practice. A simple technique to help you with this is to visualize your stomach area and gently keep your mind’s focus there as you breathe. This will also help benefit you in emptying your mind of the day’s clutter.

We suggest you inhale or exhale through the nose if possible as this tends to get better results. If this is not possible or comfortable feel free inhale and exhale in a manner that is best and most comfortable for you but always stay within the 10-12 second cycle time.


What is Resonance?

The Heart Breath helps your heart rate fall into a resonant frequency commonly referred to as “resonance”. This particular frequency is known as the strongest and most stabilizing one, and it is associated with many positive changes in the body. When you are in Resonance, you can expect to feel more positive emotions, and recover more easily and completely from stressful situations. As you perform the “heart breath” while meditating you help to train your mind and body to achieve this natural state of balance as you clear your mind.

The more regularly you use our products the more you will become familiar and in tune with your body’s state of relaxation and your breathing cycle. As you practice and master these techniques you will find they have some very practical use and application in many aspects of your daily life.

As you do this you will see your scores increase as you increase your heart rate variability and your Resonance.

What is my Breathing Cycle?

Breathing Cycle is the total number of seconds in your “Heart Breath” which is determined by adding the number of seconds breathing in to the number of seconds breathing out. For most people this is roughly 10 seconds total but feel free to experiment as you gain experience and confidence to find your personal cycle time.

When you are breathing in any Wild Divine program or app to clear your mind or relax or accomplish a task, the active feedback is taking your heart rate signals and interpreting them to show you how your breathing cycle can be trained to become deeper, slower and more regular. This type of “breathwork” has profound benefits to your mind and body, as well as to your mental and emotional state.

Most of our programs and apps allow you to adjust this cycle to suit your personal needs.

What Next?

The more regularly you use our products and apps the more you will become familiar and in tune with your body’s state of relaxation and your breathing cycle. By increasing your Resonance and using the Heart Breath to remain calm you will be increasing your scores and completing tasks within the programs or apps. As you practice and master these techniques you will find they have very practical usage in many aspects of your daily life.

Most people who have a regular Mind-Body or meditation practice know that the very same techniques they use in their practice are also easy to integrate into their daily lives. The beautiful simplicity of the Heart Breath is that you can take it with you wherever you go. While Wild Divine’s programs, apps and hardware will help you get faster and measurable results as well as make your practice more entertaining, informative and complete; you can use these techniques anytime and anywhere you wish to reduce your stress level or simply to relax or focus more.

As you master the Heart Breath it is available to you whenever and wherever you go. It is the gateway to a secret sanctuary inside of you. This is true whether you are dealing with a frustrating situation or person, trying to increase your focus before completing a task or simply seeking to enjoy a few moments of calm and peace in your day. Your Mind-Body practice will equip you with powerful tools you need to overcome and better deal with any situation, anytime and anywhere.


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