App Store Refund Process


We here at Wild Divine want all of our products to completely satisfy our customers. If you are having any issues with any purchase please contact us at [email protected] and we will work with you to solve the problem to your complete satisfaction. Whether it is a recent purchase or not, we offer product and technical support for all of our active products.

If for any reason you are still not satisfied with any app purchased through iTunes or the App Store you can request a refund from Apple directly. Per Apple’s rules, Wild Divine cannot initiate or get involved in any refund request for any of our products sold through iTunes or the App Store. Please note that Apple’s official Terms and Conditions regarding purchases is as follows:

“All sales and rentals of products are final.”

Apple does however have a procedure to allow you to request a refund for any purchase (within 90 days of purchase date.) The following method can be done from a web browser on any computer or iOS device.

Step 1 – Apple Report A Problem Website

Go to Apple’s website

Enter your AppleID credentials to login.

Step 2 – Select Apps


Step 3 – Find App in List and Select “Report a Problem”


Step 4 – Enter Problem Reason

It is important to enter a reason that will cause iTunes to process your refund since their official policy is “All sales and rentals of products are final.” Enter any additional information in the “Describe this problem” section as it will help you with the refund processing. Press “Submit” when complete.


Step 5 – Submit Refund Request

When you press submit you should be presented with the following:


Press “Request Refund” to continue.

If successful you will also see the following confirmation message. Press “Done” when complete.


If you continue have any difficulty with this process or in receiving a refund we suggest you contact Apple Support by clicking HERE.

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