Activation Codes for Older Products

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Some older versions of Wild Divine software may prompt you for an Activation Code during installation. This article will help you derive the activation code for your title.

NOTE: Please be aware that these product version are no longer sold or supported by Wild Divine. Please see this article for more information on discontinued support of Quicktime for Windows by Apple and its impact on Wild Divine products please click HERE.

Please see below for more information on activation if you choose to proceed.

Wisdom Quest, Healing Rhythms and Relaxing Rhythms (11.5 and older)

You can create your activation code by using this template: A_BAE2_A. The third and fourth digits from the on-screen set will go in those blank spots.

For example: If the digits in the top right are 1fjke81, the activation code will be AJBAE2KA.

As another example, if the digits in the top right corner are 2rt4d93 the code will be ATBAE24A.

The Passage

Please use the following activation code – FGCTVBK.

The Grapher

Please use the following activation code – AEMMMMF.