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What is the difference between the IomPE and IomBlue?

IomPE uses a USB cable to connect to your Windows or Mac computer. It is not compatible with any iOS device or App. The IomPE is currently compatible with Wild Divine’s Relaxing RhythmsPE software although more software titles and online capabilities will be coming in 2015.

IomBlue uses Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless to connect to your device. It is currently compatible with Wild Divine Apps (software) that runs on Apple’s iOS devices such iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is not compatible with any Windows or Mac Wild Divine programs.

How do I register my IomPE?

Click HERE to register your IomPE. Registration give provide access to all technical support resources as well as register your device for warranty.

Does the IomPE require the Iom Driver program?

No. The IomPE is designed to operate without the Iom Driver. All software titles that support the IomPE contain all necessary software required for the IomPE to work with your Mac or Windows computer.

How does the IomPE connect to my computer?

The IomPE connects to your Windows or Mac computer using the included USB Type-A Cable. The male connector that into the computer’s USB port. This type of connector is industry standard on all Windows and Mac computers. The IomPE must be plugged directly into the computer’s USB port and cannot be connected to or through a USB hub of any sort.

How does the IomPE work?

The IomPE measures your heart rate via the sensors that attaches to your earlobe. The software uses that heart rate to determine Heart Rate Variability (HRV). HRV is a measurement of the beat to beat changes in your heart rate. HRV measurement in the science of mind-body training is leading a renaissance in the understanding of the heart and its role in emotional and physical health.

The IomPE connects to you PC or Mac computer using the supplied USB cable. For more detailed information, please refer to the User Manual included with your Wild Divine software.